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 AGE: Under 2 years
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»  Objectives
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The Happy Place

We believe the future citizenship of our children begins with early childhood upbringing...where children learn about respect and values...and develop a lifelong passion for learning.

ABC Childcare has loving, trained and supportive caregivers who recognise your child's individual personality and are committed to providing a strong foundation through effective programmes that focus on physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development of your child.

"Eva has a heart of gold and is obviously in the business of childcare for the right reasons - all for the wellbeing of the kids and their family, and this permeates throughout the Centre she owns and manages" Prue

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Educational Activities

ABC Childcare offers a wide range of activities, including Physical Education, Music and Language classes and are built into the children's day, plus we offer extracurricular activities to further enhance our own programme.

"In the mornings our daughter skips down the path to ABC, filled with enthusiasm for the day ahead. She has learned how to fit into sensible routines, eats a wide range of healthy food and has gained excellent socializing skills, including how to relate warmly to people, regardless of age or race, a vital skill for the NZ of the future" Paul

Languages Physical Education

As well as providing development in the use of the English language through-out the day, children have a unique opportunity to learn (or speak) the Mandarin language, as we are very fortunate to have two trained and experience Chinese language teachers as part of our Team. Hungarian is also spoken plus Maori language studies are offered as part of our curriculum.
Plus, there are regular trips to the Library for children over 2 and these support the development of a for passion 'life-long learning'.

Every morning all children are offered calisthenics to promote their health. We also have a large outdoor area where the children can improve their balance and coordination, as well as their gross motor skills.

Music Healthy Food

All children are introduced to a wide range of music, including country, pop, classical, string, quartets and music in other languages. We also provide occasional guest performers so the children can experience different music live.

Health daily Lunches are included in your weekly Fees and these are freshly made on the premises each day.
Childcare is also offered afternoon tea. Every week our lunch includes at least one meal with red meat (beef, lamb), white meat (chicken), fish, plus vegetables. We can also cater to children with special food needs, like celiac or Gluten Free, plus other food intolerances or allergies. See our "Weekly Menu" for more information.

"We loved your Centre! The kids were so happy there and their smiling faces made our day" Maria

1 Raroa Road Kelburn,

(+64-4) 475-9200

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